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About Me

My Beginnings

How do you measure success? Happiness is a good start… I never expected to perform for: Newlyweds, Celebrities, Oscar award winners, be on T.V or, play in museums. Music has taken me on a  journey and it’s not done yet! 

My Favorite Work

Is when you prepare for a normal Top 40 set, but the crowd wants you to take them on a full “Musical Journey”.  

My Life Today

My days consist of music. If I’m not DJing, I’m either recording or teaching. I love how my passion allows me to travel and meet interesting new people all the time. I hope we are able to work together soon!


Mark J.

"If you're looking for someone to be the life of your next party, look no further. So many of my guests were laughing and crying, sometimes both!"

Anytown Entertainment

"This performer knows how to get into the headspace of the audience. They gave an enthralling performance from start to finish."

Ashley P.

"I've already recommended this performer to all my friends. They were so lovely and professional. I can't wait to work with them again!"

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